Idea Of ATS

Welcome to Accounts On track

Accounts Team could do little better.....better ...... and best with ATS

  • Afford, Highly Paid Professional Services
  • Clear Idea of Finance and Accounting
  • Pay per use basis services
  • No question of staffing hurdles.
  • Focus to support management in reaching maturity stage
  • Effective Team setup and Responsibility
  • Optimal Management Reporting
  • No question of employee hurdles

Idea of ATS:

Hiring fulltime CFO (or) even a Finance Analyst can be very expensive as to cost and to retain for a long time, for a both Startup and a Medium size enterprise and especially family owned business enterprises.

We propose to the client , to Invite our professionals in...!

To setup a process, define the objectives of each roles, Prepare dashboards for the Management, and to perform continuous review and analysis of the financial system using Comparisons, Ratio analysis, trend analysis……etc, So as to optimize the utilization of resources.

We will be a permanent member of the enterprise, who can accumulate the experience, and serve the management in the right time.

Customized SOP:

Proper Procedures – standard objectives – Proper books – better decision “aim of SOP is to standardize the work flow in F&A department , to ensure better tracking , avoid dependency on staff, timely compliance and reporting” which involves,
  • Delegation of authorities/segregation of duties
  • General accounting and book keeping procedures, keeping in view of Dashboards.
  • Charting out Statutory Compliances and standardizing the filing process.
  • Maintenance of Cash and Bank transactions.
  • Management Reporting formats and tools.

“Unique Feature of ATS”

  • Effectiveness of F&A department depends on staff
  • We are known for our vast database and ground level connect with the talents, and our training modules for freshers, early stage accountants and Executives.
  • With no extra cost of hiring, ATS Monitors and limits the F&A department cost , assuring the continuity of workflow, immediately filling the vacancy and also training the newly joined staff , with the working papers already created while performing SOP formalities at the client location.